Monday, February 11, 2008

It's LOVE week..

Valentine's day is such a fun holiday, although I don't really have a Valentine, I love making little treats for the ones I love. On Saturday night, Campbell and I made some heart cookies..She was so excited because I got her and I matching Valentine's apron's at Target. They are so cute, I will have to add a picture later since I dont have them right now. She kept saying, "Becky, I want to cook" finally I kept saying "Hey Campbell, do you still want to cook.."
She thought it was funny, and it was pretty funny. She must have asked me 100 times :)

Sunday I watched Cup Qualifying for the Daytona 500. Only the top 2 spots were locked in, so the Dual 125's on Thursday will be the next big thing to watch.
I can't believe that Michael Waltrip qualified 2nd! Go Waltrip World!
It must have been our visit there that give him good luck :)

After that, Melinda decided that we should make cupcakes, so we did. She ended up making them and I just observed. She decorated them so cute, again, I will have to add pics tonight. She made mini cupcakes and then big ones that she made with 2 different cake batters, 1 chocolate and 1 butter yellow, so then she mixed them together, they were so good!

My week looks pretty relaxing. Tonight I'm going to finish getting my Valentine's gifts together, then tomorrow night Im going to make some more cookies :)

Remember to wear something pink or red this week ♥