Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Fall Classic

Well I am a little late in writing this but I didnt want to leave it out. The 20th annual Fall Classic was last weekend and after being rained out the week before it was very anticipated. Travis had a great car, as the 52 late model always is. It's so fun to go to the racetrack and have everyone be so confident with the car, it just makes things go so smoothly.
I got to sit up in the stands with the whole Bennett family, and seen my favorite little Dailey. She is getting so big!

It was so fun to watch her play with Jim and Pam. She still loves to have her picture taken and then review it on the screen :)

On Saturday, Susi and I spent the morning making a shirt for Travis. It all went back to Stateline and a story that Susi had told me and then I repeated to Travis, who just thought it was hilarious.

This might not make sense to everyone, but it is hilarious to us :)

Travis ran a great race and ended up finishing 3rd. It was a long 200 laps but it was a great race. I know he wants that Fall Classic win so bad, and it will come just like the other wins have..theres always next year! :)