Thursday, February 26, 2009

8 more weeks.

Or about 53 more days (hopefully a bit less) until my sweet little niece arrives. My Sister had an ultrasound on Tuesday and everything looks great. The little Princess already weighs a little over 4lbs and she is about 17 inches long. I will be hosting my Sister's baby shower in just a few weeks and I can't wait. Here she is at 32 weeks.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


A few weeks has passed since Campbell's first tooth came out, and now she has lost the other one. The only two loose teeth in her mouth and they were right together. She looks so cute with her new smile and loves to show everyone.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweet Valentines.

Valentine's Day is such a fun Holiday for kids. I remember being in school and being so excited for our Valentine's parties where we would make things for our friends and hand them out. My brother is in the 5th grade and still likes to do all the Valentine's things so I figured I better take advantage of it while it lasts. He came over last week and we made his Valentine box for all his friends to put things in. He had a vision of making it like a monster so I got some supplies and we went to work. It was fun to make and it turned out great. Michael is very creative and I love seeing that.

He filled out all his Valentines and I made rice krispie treats for him to take to his class. I was surprised that homemade treats were even allowed since some schools are skeptical about that, but I prefer to make homemade things.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daytona 500

Last weekend was the first weekend of racing and I couldn't have been more excited! The truck race was Friday night and what a good race it was. Lots of competition, and of course Rowdy was in it so that makes it even better. He wasn't able to get it done though, and finished 2nd. The Busch race was pretty good on Saturday but once again, Kyle was 2nd on the last lap and just couldn't get it done.

Sunday I went down and picked Jay up and then we went to a bar in Tacoma where his parents were throwing a Daytona 500 party. They had raffles and there were several fantasy racing boards. The drivers I had from that were Michael Waltrip and Regan Smith, so I wasnt too optimistic to win any money. We had fun watching the race and heckling others about their drivers. Our fun ended when Dale Jr. took out the field, including Kyle who had dominated and led 88 laps so far. It was a huge dissapointment, not just because of Kyle, but also the other 10 cars that were involved.

I'm looking forward to Fontana, a track that Kyle has always done well at and got his first Cup victory at. And who knows, I may even be at the race in Vegas in 2 weeks!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

1st tooth.

What an exciting day it was yesterday! I picked Campbell up from school and of course the first words out of her mouth were "feel my teeth". Two teeth on the bottom were both loose, and have been for a few weeks now. I told her I would feel them later, so when we stopped at the grocery store she made me feel them and one of them was barely hanging on. I told her not to touch it until we got home because that thing was coming out and I didn't want it to happen at the store.

We got home and I told her, just pull it out, not thinking she actually would. She went right for it and got it right out. She wasn't scared or anything, and the blood didn't even bother her much. She was so excited to show everyone and to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy to come.

This morning she was excited to tell me that she got $5.00 from the tooth fairy! My how things have changed since I was a kid :) She looks so cute with her missing tooth and it will just be days until the other comes out.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


While flipping through my radio last week, I heard a promotion through one of the country stations. The Zac Brown Band would be performing at the new Snoqualamie Casino and all you had to do was make a T-shirt that said "My ticket is my T-shirt", and you were in. I told Rachel about it and she was so excited, so we planned to go. We made our t-shirts Saturday and then we headed over to Snoqualamie.

We got there and ran in to some people that Travis & Rachel knew and it just so happens that I knew them too. They are parents to a girl that goes to Campbell's school and I see them in the mornings. We figured it all out and it was so funny that we all knew eachother. We grabbed a few drinks and headed to the show. It was in a small ballroom so it had a very intimate feel and we stood the whole time which is just like it was in Vegas. When we saw them in November, the only song we knew was "Chicken Fried", but since then they have released an album and we know all the songs now. We had a great time singing to every song. They put on such a good concert and the group just works.

After the concert, the band was hanging out in the casino, so we caught up with them to see if they remembered us from Vegas, and after some reminding, they remembered us. We took pics with them and then went on our way. We had so much fun at the concert and can't wait to see them again!

Monday, February 2, 2009


That's what Miss Skylee Ray is, just perfect. She is a sweet baby that you just want to snuggle. She looks around with her big blue eyes and I just wonder what she is thinking. Her smile makes me smile and I just can't get enough of her!


I was tagged by Becca and the tag was to go to my 4th picture file, select the 4th picture and then tag 4 others to do the same.

This picture is from Campbell's 5th birthday party, themed "Princess Spa party". I love this picture because I caught her in a moment of pure happiness, just giggling with her friends and having fun :)

I tag: Shae, Heather, Jenn, and Lynsie.