Tuesday, February 3, 2009


While flipping through my radio last week, I heard a promotion through one of the country stations. The Zac Brown Band would be performing at the new Snoqualamie Casino and all you had to do was make a T-shirt that said "My ticket is my T-shirt", and you were in. I told Rachel about it and she was so excited, so we planned to go. We made our t-shirts Saturday and then we headed over to Snoqualamie.

We got there and ran in to some people that Travis & Rachel knew and it just so happens that I knew them too. They are parents to a girl that goes to Campbell's school and I see them in the mornings. We figured it all out and it was so funny that we all knew eachother. We grabbed a few drinks and headed to the show. It was in a small ballroom so it had a very intimate feel and we stood the whole time which is just like it was in Vegas. When we saw them in November, the only song we knew was "Chicken Fried", but since then they have released an album and we know all the songs now. We had a great time singing to every song. They put on such a good concert and the group just works.

After the concert, the band was hanging out in the casino, so we caught up with them to see if they remembered us from Vegas, and after some reminding, they remembered us. We took pics with them and then went on our way. We had so much fun at the concert and can't wait to see them again!


Heather said...

Fun! Great shirts! Where's this new casino?