Monday, March 30, 2009

Round 2.

My Sister had her 2nd baby shower yesterday afternoon and it turned out really well. She got many things including more clothes and cases of diapers. I don't think there is a single thing that she really needs, just maybe a few things that she wants and we will be going to get those this weekend.

I have always wanted to make a diaper cake and so I finally made one as my gift. It turned out really cute and she liked all the stuff on it. I decided to do an "accessories" theme instead of the typical things that are usually on them. My items included: sunglasses, hair clips,headbands, a Gracelet, socks, baby legs, Robeez and of course plenty of diapers.

The room is ready, clothes are washed, diapers are ready to be worn and plenty of love is ready for Miss Ava when ever she decides to make her appearance!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I headed up to Canada to see Miss Cadence. It had been a few weeks so I was really missing her and she is in the beginning stages of walking so I had to see that.

Shae, Cadence and I went to the new Super Walmart not far from their house and on the way we stopped at a new shopping center that has recently opened. They have several cute shops there including The Children's Place where we stopped to get a few things :) Across the street from that was a darling little Cupcake shop. We had to stop there and it was so cute inside. We got some mini cupcakes and had fun watching Cadence try them. She LOVED them, and was on a sugar rush the rest of the night. She talked our ears off, but it was so cute.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I love making lists, but recently I have noticed how much I write them. It's a lot. I write lists for everything and I love checking the things off my list and seeing what I have accomplished. The odd thing is that after the list is all checked off, it gets thrown away, so I don't know why I have to write them. I think it's to visually see that I got things done. I could just use regular paper to write on, but of course I had to go find some cute note pads like this one from this cute site. Had to have it.

I have also found that on Etsy, you can buy printable PDF files where you can print cute lists. Cheap and instant, can't go wrong with that.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Be still my beating heart. I have just found the cutest line of children's clothing. I have seen this brand before, but this weekend while at a children's boutique, I seen it again and it caught my eye. They only had a few pieces, so I went to the website when I got home and found many more cute things. I am loving apples right now and the whole "apple of my eye" theme (hence the baby shower last week).

I found several things that I just had to get. Here are some of them:

{Shirt for Campbell}

{One for me}

{Of course a little something for Baby Ava}

{Not sure who this is for, but I just had to get it}

These things just make me smile and I can't wait to receive them!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello Spring.

Today seems far from a Spring day with the blustery weather outside, but I will just pretend it's a beautiful sunny day with the birds chirping, the lawn mowers going and the kids playing outside :)

I have been in Spring cleaning mode for the last week now and I am loving it. Last Friday I started with our work office. That was literally an all day project but felt so nice to get rid of many things that didn't need to be there and also to really clean everything. 100% improvement. Now I have begun at home, with cleaning everything out and re organizing. I think I could probably re organize every week. It seems like I just did this, yet I have things shoved in all sorts of little hiding places. I have really realized that there is a huge difference in being clean and being clean & organized! Huge difference. I also have slight ADD, so I start in one spot, go to put something away and then start there and before I know it, I have an even bigger mess than before. But sometimes you have to make a mess to clean one up. Tonight my Sister and I will be going to Ikea to get some furniture for Baby Ava's room and I will be picking up a few things for myself to assist me in this organization progress. Sooner or later, I will have things exactly where I want them :) I found this checklist courtesy of Martha, and although it may not be necessary to do every single thing on it, there is some good reminders of things that often slip my mind.

Happy Spring cleaning!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apple of my eye.

On Sunday I hosted my Sister's baby shower and it turned out really well. We invited around 35 people and everyone was able to come, so we had a full house. Since there was going to be so many people, I decided to not do any games and several people were glad about that :) I tried to keep it simple and used the apple theme throughout. I have been trying to post a picture of the invitation, but for some reason it doesn't show up. Here is the shower in pictures:

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Last Friday my Sister had a 4-D ultrasound where we actually got to see the baby's features in better detail. We immediately confirmed that she was a girl, and got to see her heart beating which was amazing. From what the Dr. says, she has lots of hair, pretty lips and chubby cheeks. Sounds perfect to me! I don't know if I will be able to wait 5 more weeks for her arrival :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For Christmas, my friend Jennifer got me a M&M dispenser and also several bags of Kyle Busch M&M's. Some have his face, some his autograph and some with #18. When I got it, the kids wanted to eat the M&M's right away, but I made a rule that they only got some when Kyle won a race (knowing that would be pretty often). They surely don't forget anything. When he won Vegas a few weeks ago, the first thing Campbell said to me on Monday morning was, "I get some M&M's cause Rowdy won!". This weekend was the same when he won the truck race. I had both kids coming to collect :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This weekend I:

Took my brother to the airport at 5:00am Saturday morning.
Went to Ellensburg, attended Travis & Zach's 1st swapmeet at STE.
Hung out with Dailey, Skylee, Logan and Landon.
Watched/heard Kyle win the Cup race on Sunday.
Went to the Brad Paisley/Dierks Bentley concert on Sunday night.
Had a great time doing it all :)