Monday, March 30, 2009

Round 2.

My Sister had her 2nd baby shower yesterday afternoon and it turned out really well. She got many things including more clothes and cases of diapers. I don't think there is a single thing that she really needs, just maybe a few things that she wants and we will be going to get those this weekend.

I have always wanted to make a diaper cake and so I finally made one as my gift. It turned out really cute and she liked all the stuff on it. I decided to do an "accessories" theme instead of the typical things that are usually on them. My items included: sunglasses, hair clips,headbands, a Gracelet, socks, baby legs, Robeez and of course plenty of diapers.

The room is ready, clothes are washed, diapers are ready to be worn and plenty of love is ready for Miss Ava when ever she decides to make her appearance!


Auntie & Uncle said...

So so so cute :) Love the diaper cake!

Heather said...

Good job on the cake. Your sister is glowing.