Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello Spring.

Today seems far from a Spring day with the blustery weather outside, but I will just pretend it's a beautiful sunny day with the birds chirping, the lawn mowers going and the kids playing outside :)

I have been in Spring cleaning mode for the last week now and I am loving it. Last Friday I started with our work office. That was literally an all day project but felt so nice to get rid of many things that didn't need to be there and also to really clean everything. 100% improvement. Now I have begun at home, with cleaning everything out and re organizing. I think I could probably re organize every week. It seems like I just did this, yet I have things shoved in all sorts of little hiding places. I have really realized that there is a huge difference in being clean and being clean & organized! Huge difference. I also have slight ADD, so I start in one spot, go to put something away and then start there and before I know it, I have an even bigger mess than before. But sometimes you have to make a mess to clean one up. Tonight my Sister and I will be going to Ikea to get some furniture for Baby Ava's room and I will be picking up a few things for myself to assist me in this organization progress. Sooner or later, I will have things exactly where I want them :) I found this checklist courtesy of Martha, and although it may not be necessary to do every single thing on it, there is some good reminders of things that often slip my mind.

Happy Spring cleaning!


Heather said...

I mowed our lawn yesterday! Yea spring!