Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free and easy down the road I go..

I've always been a traveler, always loved a road trip and being behind the wheel. I'm pretty much known for racking up the miles on my Jetta and I love it. I have seen so many beautiful, crazy, wonderful things that some people may never see and I am so grateful for that.

Today my sister and I get to take a road trip and I am beyond excited. My grandfather bought a home in Phoenix,AZ. recently and he wants us to drive his truck down to keep at the house. Of course it wouldn't be much fun to just drive straight to Phoenix and come home, so we are making a few detours along the way. My sister is in love with Hollywood and all the celebrity's that come with it. I have been to L.A. several times for racing and got the opportunity to check out parts of the area and I had a great time doing it so I'm excited to show my sister around and also explore some new things too.

We will definitely be hitting up: The Fashion district, Santa Monica Pier & Beach, Robertson Blvd. and Irwindale Speedway..didn't think I would take a road trip and not catch a race did ya? ;) We will also see the Hollywood sign, a cupcake shop or three, and who knows what else.

That's the reason why I love trips like this, no set time to be anywhere and just the open road to take us wherever it may lead...


Heather said...

You are so blessed. Have a great, safe trip!