Friday, July 24, 2009


If there is 1 thing that Rachel and I both love, it's concerts..and free ones at that! I happened to find that Daughtry was coming to Seattle July 17th and it was a free show too, so I got us tickets and a hotel and we were ready to go. We got there and found a massive line to get in, like 7 city blocks long. We thought for sure we weren't going to get in, but we did and ended up having an awesome view of the stage being able to stand right in front of it. It turns out that it was being filmed for the Jimmy Kimmel show so it wasn't that long of a concert but we got to hear some great songs. Daughtrys new album "Leave this town" came out on July 14th but we already knew most of the songs. It was a fun night that we ended with a wonderful steak dinner at Ruth Chris and a couple drinks at a martini bar.