Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It is amazing to me how many Barbie's are available these days, and new ones are always coming out. Campbell is a huge Barbie fan. She has so many that I don't even know how she keeps track of them! For Christmas, Melinda wanted to get Campbell & her cousin Cassie the new Barbie 3 story townhouse but as we went to Target to get one, we realized that they were a hot item and weren't so easy to get. We ended up calling all of the Toys R Us's in our area and tracked down a delivery truck and made the trip there at 7am this morning to get 2 of these. They are 3 ft tall and come with 55 pieces! The girls will be soo excited to get these, I can't wait to see their reactions.

I have already gotten Campbell the 3 following 'Barbie I can be' sets for Christmas...

Barbie I can be: Pet Vet Doctor

Barbie I can be: Gymnastics Coach Barbie

Barbie I can be: Newborn Baby Doctor

But today, I see this..Race car driver Barbie and since Campbell is my travelling racing sidekick, I just had to get it for her :)

This little girl will be having a very good Christmas :)


{Erica} said...

Oh the pet doctor one would be perfect for my girls! They always say they want to be just like their daddy! too bad it's no availible online. I've never seen it at the target here. Now I'll have to hunt it down...