Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day ♥

Oh the excitement of Christmas!! This was the funnest Christmas that I have had. Getting to watch Ava, Campbell and Cooper on Christmas morning and throughout the day was the best thing to me. Ava came in and walked straight to her new stroller and baby doll. She wasn't too sure about her new wagon, until I set her in it and showed her that she gets to get pulled around in it, then she didn't want to get out :) All she wanted to do was open presents. She didn't care what they were, she just wanted to open them.

Campbell and Cooper were both spoiled as well getting new electric (guitars) "matars" as Cooper calls them :) Cooper got more Monster Jams then he knows what to do with and Campbell finally got her robe and new luggage that she is always begging for at any store we go to :) My favorite line of the day was when I walked in to their house Christmas morning and Cooper jumps up holding a cd and shouts, "Becky! Look what Santa brought me, the Big Time Rush CD..he know'd I liked em'.." Cutest thing ever that he was so excited and just the way he says it.

There is so much hustle and bustle that goes along with Christmas, that it's easy to forget to stop and enjoy all the little things. These little details of that day are some that I never want to forget!