Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Rainbow Party.

My niece Ava, turned 2 on April 21st. Since I have a Sister who knows how much I love parties, she sort of lets me create the vision's that I have. Since Ava obviously wouldn't know what kind of party she would want, I got to do the Rainbow Party theme that I have seen created all over the blogosphere. There are so many cute ideas out there and who doesn't love the Rainbow colors??

I was obsessed with making a Rainbow cake. I have seen them everywhere and I thought it looked so fun and super cute to make. There were no disasters and everyone was so surprised when the cake was cut to reveal all those pretty colors.

We made fruit loop Rainbow necklaces, Ava played on her new slide and the bigger kids just wanted to play outside, go figure :) I think Ava's party was a success and I can't wait until the next party to help with!


Stevie said...

Super cute as always Beck!