Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday roast

I have been wanting to make a roast for awhile and finally found a Sunday that I would be home to do it. I had my little helper, Campbell, over and she loves to cook. We started getting the roast ready at about 1:15 and had it in the oven at about 1:45. We used Emeril's recipe with a few modifications. We put the roast in the oven and then headed to Target to get more decorations for the tree since I didnt get enough of them the day before. We also stopped at Costco and got Campbell her Christmas dress, which is just so cute! I cant wait until she wears it for her school's Christmas concert this year, she will look darling :) Our last stop was Fred Meyers where we picked up some eggnog and some black shoes for Campbell.
When we got home and she seen the roast she gave me a big hug and said, our dinner is done! It was so cute to see how excited she was to see something that she helped make. Our roast turned out soo good with just enough seasonings.
Campbell was so proud!

After dinner, we put up the Christmas tree. I bought a new one this year and it had to be put together piece by piece. It is 7.5 feet and really thick, so it took quite awhile to do. We had fun though and had a little assembly line going, Melinda was spreading the branches, Campbell handed them to me and then I put the tree together. Campbell just couldnt wait to put the star on after we were all done, the tree looked great. I cant wait to start filling it up with presents :)


Heather said...

She is so lucky to have you in her life!