Friday, November 16, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

I have been bad about keeping up with this so that means now it's catch up time :) I went to Vegas a couple weekends ago for a late model race at the Bullring. Kyle Busch was racing his late model there which is what made me want to go. I've been there a few times with Brandon when he raced there and it's a fun little track, not to mention the nightlife. Jay and a couple of his buddies went too but they drove and we just met them there. Lacey and I flew in on Saturday morning and it was a beautiful day. We stayed at the Excalibur which was a really cool place. It was right next to NY NY which is where I want to stay next time, that was definitely my favorite hotel for the atmosphere, very fun. We headed to the track around 3 with Ron & Donny, it was the perfect day for racing. The track is also right next to Nellis Air Force Base, and there was some jet shows going on right over the track so that was fun to watch.
Our friend Eric was racing the late model race and he was in a car that Travis built down in Bakersfield. It was a really nice car and Eric did well. He qualified 5th and passed for the lead where he stayed for awhile. With 6 to go and Eric still in the lead, there was a caution and on the restart, Eric got taken out by the 2nd place car. It was a bad deal and I felt so bad for Eric. He did a great job all night and should have gotten the win. His car looked great!

Kyle had a busy weekend since the "big 3" were in Phoenix. He raced the truck race on Friday night and won that, then he raced the Busch race on Saturday afternoon and won that as well. By the time he got to the bullring, he was pretty tired but excited to race at his home track. He had to start at the back since he wasnt able to qualify but it was a 140 lap race. Kyle worked his way up to 2nd, and with 50 laps to go, was taken out by another driver. They wanted Kyle and the other driver to both go to the back but they both refused and ultimately Kyle ended up leaving to head back to Phoenix. I was glad that I got my pic with him before the Super lates race started :)

Saturday night we hung out at NY NY and visited the Piano bar and then headed over to MGM to have some drinks. After that we started walking the strip and stopped at practically every place along the way. It was a fun night and we watched the sun rise so that should tell ya how long we were awake :)

Sunday we started our day at Margaritaville for lunch and margaritas. I just love that place, so fun. We went through the flamingo and ballys and some of the hotels down that way and then we headed back to our hotel to get ready to go out. We met Jay & his friends at the Golden Nugget in old town Vegas and that was a lot of fun. We had some drinks, walked freemont street, watched the light show and just had fun. We met some people from Florida at the Golden Nugget and ended up going to a bar with them and having drinks. Jay & his friends had to leave at 4 am Monday morning to head back to Washington, and I think thats when we were having our last drink :)

Monday we started with lunch at "Dicks" which was inside our hotel..very interesting place. Anytime you are greeted by your waiter with "whats up hookers", you know it's going to be an interesting time. It was a rowdy place with napkins all over the floor and loud music. After that, we visited M&M world where we spent a few hours. I found lots of things to get for Cami & Cooper :) We also went to Coca Cola world and walked on down to the Paris and Bellagio where we watched the water show atleast 4 favorite thing in Vegas :) We flew out of Vegas at 11:55 pm and we were both completely worn out. It was a fun trip and I cant wait to go to Vegas again!