Sunday, March 2, 2008

Diggin up bones!

Campbell's pre school had a field trip on Thursday to a place called "Dig it" at the Everett Mall, and I got to take her. She has been learning about dinosaurs in pre- school and she was so excited to go dig up bones. She was just sure that she was going to come home with a dinosaur :) We were asking her where she was going to get food for it and she replied "well the grocery store". :)
It was fun for the kids, they got to dig in 3 different sites and they had so much fun. Each child got to keep 1 item or 5 "pre historic" rocks..Campbell picked the rocks so she could have more things :)

After the dig, Campbell and I went to lunch at our favorite place, The Olive Garden. She was so excited when we pulled in there..After lunch, Campbell came to work with me. She always asks me if she can come to work with me so I finally said yes :) After work, I took her to the Alderwood mall to let her play on the toys. She just loves playing there and gets so excited when I tell her were going to the mall with the toys :)

My brother Michael had a presentation at school so we headed over there at 7:00. Each kid in the class had to pick a person from history, then research them, make a poster board about them and then dress the part and play the role of the person. My brother had picked Doug Flutie who was an NFL player. He looked so cute with his football helmet on, and he had such a good speech. He is a really good speaker. There were so many cute kids there, one little girl was Shirley Temple, one boy was Elvis, there were also Helen Keller, George Washington and Albert Einstein just to name a few. It was fun to see Michael in his school environment with his school friends. He is just getting so old :(