Sunday, June 8, 2008

Road Course Race

Saturday the tour had a race at Pacific Raceways in Kent and I was excited to return there. We raced there in 2003 and it was so much fun. The weather was a little bit different this time and it felt more like January than June. Travis had never raced a road course before but he took to it very well, qualifying 4th. The race was supposed to be 40 laps, but with a mist coming down the track had to be dried and it took longer to start. They started around 7pm, and it was already getting dark. There were a few cautions that slowed the race and it was getting dark so they called the race and Gary Lewis was the winner followed by Jason Fraser and Travis! He did good and was happy that the car was in 1 piece. Hopefully we can go back next year with better weather!

Becca, Dailey and I hung out in a suite for most of the afternoon and during the race so we stayed warm and watched Dailey play. She is just so cute and has the cutest expressions and that little laugh that I just love :)

She was trying to talk to Uncle :)