Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brier parade.

The kids love parades, especially ones they can be in! My brother heard about a parade in Brier that was sort of celebrating Seafair..or maybe the end of it anyhow and he wanted to ride his dirt bike in it, mostly just as an excuse to ride his dirt bike I think. Anyone could be in the parade and the theme was sea fish and pirates so I called up Campbell and Cooper and had them decorate their bikes. They were so excited to be in the parade. So excited that Cooper wore his helmet in the car from the time we left, until the time we got home..too cute! Ava enjoyed it too, for the most party. Until the loud sirens went off, then she wasn't too happy. Cami and Coop each had candy to throw out to the crowd. It was funny because Campbell threw out handfuls while Cooper would throw one at a time. He had a nice stash still left at the end of the parade..funny kid.