Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Surprise Party.

Saturday was Melinda's 50th Birthday, and we were actually able to pull off a surprise on her! Our neighbor Stephanie wanted to throw her a party so a few of us got together to help her. On Saturday I took Melinda, Campbell and Ava to the mall to get Melinda out of the house. We had a great lunch at Panera and then hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. We let Melinda shop around for a few hours while the girls and I went school shopping for Campbell. Melinda knew our neighbor was having a party Saturday evening, but thought it was for her husbands employees. We drove up the back way to our house and Melinda said, I wonder how Stephanie's party is going? I started turning down Stephanie's street and Melinda said "Don't turn down there!"

I didn't say anything and once she was able to see everyone she realized that she knew all of them and she was just shocked. She was like "what?, what's going on?", I said, it's a party for YOU! Happy Birthday :) She was so shocked!

Melinda means so much to so many people and it was so nice to surprise her. She has devoted her life to her grandchildren and they love her so much. She is so important to me and my life and has always been there for me. I love her so much!


{Erica} said...

so fun!

I adore the dot dress. Where is it frm?

Thompson Family said...

I bet it meant the world to her to have you and her grandkids there!!! The best birthday present ever :-)