Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Classic weekend 09.

Another Fall Classic down which is hard to believe since that means it's the end of the racing season around here. It was a fun weekend that started off in Ellensburg on Friday night as it was a girls night that included dinner and drinks and then going to cheer on the EHS Football team. Travis and Rachel's nephew Kody plays on the team and it was the Homecoming game. Afterwards we went out for a few drinks and then called it a night.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at the track in the freezing cold and crazy wind! I was so excited for the races since there were so many good drivers this year. Saturday nights race didn't go well for either Jeff or Jay and neither did Sunday. Shane was running really good and in 3rd at the time when a mishap on a restart left him with a wrecked car. The race took over 4 hours which is way too long and I was glad to see it end. Another race season in the books and I am happy about that..for now :)