Friday, October 2, 2009

Viva Las Vegas.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Las Vegas for the Truck race weekend. My friend Jenn from NC, flew in and we met at the airport before heading to the Stratosphere. I hadn't seen her since she was here in March of 2008, so it was great to spend 5 days with her. We had such a fun weekend just hanging out, gambling, drinking and meeting new friends..well, new to me :)

Thursday night we headed over to The South Point Casino to watch the truck series drivers compete in a bowling tournament. That was fun for me to see the guys that I normally just see on TV, having a good time and bowling.

Friday Jenn's friend Shannon picked us up and we went out to the Red Rock Casino and had lunch and gambled a bit. No luck there as far as the gambling but it was a beautiful place. After that we shopped at the Miracle Mile for awhile and then headed back to our hotel to get ready for the night.

Saturday was the truck race which was really fun. Although, I wished I would have bet on Johnny Sauter to win like I had thought about doing earlier in the day. He won of course! Oh was still fun. We got to sit in a Suite for most of the race which was a cool view and nice with the air conditioning. It was 103 when we arrived at the track Saturday and anyone that knows me, knows I hate the heat.

{Me, Jenn and Melissa}

Sunday we switched hotels and went to stay at Harrah's. We gambled a bit, went to Margaritaville for awhile and then just walked the strip. We watched the water show at the Bellagio which I think is my favorite thing in Vegas!

Monday we woke up sort of late, but had to catch up on some much needed sleep after being up until 6 am Sunday morning! We got ready and went to a restaurant called Serendipity 3 for lunch. It was very good, but super huge portions. A great place to go with a group of people. We walked around the Forum shops for a bit and then it was time to leave. I had a great time in Vegas!

{Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3}