Wednesday, June 16, 2010


15421 Main Street, Ste. H102 Mill Creek, WA 98012
Hours: MON-FRI 6am-8pm, SAT 7am-8pm, SUN 7am-7pm

Yesterday my sister and I took Ava on an afternoon date to Frost Doughnut shop in the Mill Creek Town Center. I have heard a lot about it lately and wanted to see it in person. I loved everything from their cute logo to the baby onesies they sold. It was pink and brown galore and there were several different flavors to try. Their famous doughnut is the Maple bar with bacon on it. It sounded very weird to me and it's not something I would probably get again, but it was alright. The employees were very friendly and you can even watch them making the doughnuts. Definitely a place I would go again!