Monday, August 23, 2010

Campbell, Jr Sea Gal.


This past weekend, Campbell got to perform during half time of the Seahawks pre-season game vs. the Green Bay Packers and the whole experience was probably the highlight of her summer :) For 3 days she got to go to "training camp" where the Seagals taught the dances that they would perform. They got practice outfits along with the real outfits that they wore during the performance, along with shoes, pom pom's and a sweat outfit for afterwards. Campbell loved to tell us that she got to perform in front of 50,000 people. I wish I could say that I seen her, but once the girls rushed the field, it was impossible to find her, however they did show her on the big screen and I did see her there. We heard about this for weeks, and the week after her training camp, all she wanted to do was show everyone her cheers.

She says she is going to do this every year until she is 15 :) It was quite the experience for her and I loved being there to support her! I brought my brother Michael along to his first Seahawks game and some of our friends were there including the Bennett's. It was a fun night that Campbell will never forget!