Monday, November 17, 2008


Saturday morning I drove down to the Portland area to visit my friend Lynsie and her sweet baby boy Zach. Brandon was off hunting for the weekend so we just hung out at the house and had a nice relaxing weekend. We rented a few movies, Lynsie made dinner and we played with Zach. He is such a great baby and is always so happy. You just look at him and he smiles. Not only is he a spitting image of Brandon, he also inherited his gift of gab and he will probably be attached to a phone in no time :)

Zach was wide awake at 5 am on Sunday morning and by 8 am it felt like we had already had a full day! We all napped and then watched the race. Zach got so excited when they showed the cars. His little arms and legs started flailing and he was talkin up a storm :) It's pretty much inevitable that he will be racing something in a few short years.

I had a great time visiting them and can't wait to see them again this weekend at the wedding.


Brandon & Lynsie said...

It was tons of fun, we need to make sure to do it more often. Thanks for hanging with Zach and I. Zach was not to happy when you left. He missed his new playing buddy:)