Friday, December 26, 2008


Here is some of my Christmas in pictures. We have had snow around for the past few weeks and it just keeps on falling. The kids enjoy it, but I think even they are tired of it :)
I got up Christmas morning to watch Campbell and Cooper open their gifts from Santa and everyone. Campbell got an Ipod loaded with her favorite music and pretty much every barbie they sell :) Cooper got a new bike but all he wanted to play with were his new dump trucks. It was fun to watch the excitement on their faces. There is nothing like being a kid on Christmas morning.
After they were done opening presents, my brother and I went to my parents to do our family Christmas. My Dad cooked breakfast for all of us and then we exchanged gifts. I had gotten my brother a Nintendo DS, so once he got that, we didn't hear from him anymore :) Unfortunately, our family Christmas dinner got cancelled due to the snow. My Grandparents and Uncle & Aunt got stuck at their houses in North Bend and so did my Aunt and Uncle in Arlington. So our family met up with my Grandpa at a family friend's Chinese restaurant in Woodinville. I couldn't believe how packed it was. We had a fun dinner and then I headed back home. Campbell stayed the night with me and we got up early this morning to go shopping. We went up to the outlet mall in Tulalip and got Campbell a new wardrobe :) She is so fun to buy clothes for and with all the good deals, it's hard not to. She got to the point where she was saying "I have enough clothes already!" Oh well, I like to go overboard and so does her Grandma :)
Overall I have had a wonderful Christmas season. I had a great time at Jeff & Shelby's Christmas party last week, celebrating the season and also with my own family this week. I hope all of you have done the same!