Sunday, December 7, 2008


Friday afternoon, Lizzie and I picked Campbell up from school and I surprised them by taking them to see the movie Bolt. I took Cooper also and he loved it. The movie was in 3 D so we all had to wear the glasses and it felt so real. Technology is amazing. Cooper wanted no part of the glasses but he was so good and sat on my lap the entire time. After the movie I took the kids to dinner at Red Robin, per Cami's request and then we headed home to put the tree up.

Saturday morning I cooked breakfast and then got everyone ready to go. We stopped at Costco to get the girls the Hannah Montana Holiday doll. She sings "rockin around the Christmas tree" and I think I heard it about 546,678 times! From there we went to my brothers first basketball game of the season. I took Cami & Coop to the games last year and they loved them. After the game we went to my parents so the kids could go on the trampoline and then we headed to The Country Village for Santa's arrival and the tree lighting.

It was so cold but the kids were excited to be there. Santa came gliding in over the pond in his sleigh and everyone was excited to see him. Cooper just kept saying "ho ho" :) We waited in line for a long time for the kids to get candy from Santa and then we had to wait in line again to get our picture with him. The kids played at the little park there for awhile and then we had to leave because it was dark and freezing! We got home and the girls and I made cookies and watched Home Alone and Cooper was passed out!

I had such a great time with all the kids!


Heather said...

Don't you love it when they give you an excuse to be a kid yourself? =) SOunds like a great weekend.