Monday, January 12, 2009


{Our farm in the distance}

The past week has been a little crazy in our family. We learned early last week that the threat of a flood was pretty high for our farm which is also where our business is located and by Wednesday the frenzy was on. Several people worked all day moving things to higher ground as there were historical river levels predicted. In 1990, the dyke broke and it flooded up to 10 ft on our property. We are reminded of that all the time by the signs that are posted to mark it. We were hearing it could be like the flood of 90 so we took all pre-cautions.

{The road to Snohomish with water nearly at the train tracks}

The dyke is at 28 feet, so if water goes over that, that's when it floods. I called the hot line numerous times on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It got up to 30 ft. at one point and it did flood, but thankfully, water didn't get much of our farm. It didn't get into the buildings which was a relief. Luckily the dyke didn't break, which is what happened in 1990 that caused the big flood. The water just went over this time, so it flooded most of the valley, but not as bad as it could have been. I went to check it several times and the water was rushing over the roadway and sounded like the ocean. Finally today, the water has cleared off the road at least, and we were able to get back to the farm and start putting everything back together.

{The water rushing over the roadway}

Floods are such a scary thing because water is so damaging and there is no control of it. Watching the news and seeing all the people that lost so much, just breaks my heart.