Friday, January 30, 2009

It's magic!

I have tried a lot of products on my shower, and nothing seemed to get it sparkling clean. Kaboom worked pretty good, but even after scrubbing for awhile, it still wasn't to my standards. So today I stopped and picked some of these up. I have seen several commercials for these Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, so I thought what the heck, what do I have to lose?

WOW! Talk about clean. My shower looks brand new, with little effort. I literally got this eraser wet, and started scrubbing and within minutes, had a sparkling clean shower. If you have never tried one, go to the store and get one, right now! That is the best $3.59 that I have ever spent.


Heather said...

It's great for so many things. I use it in the showers, on the walls, and on the plastic threshold on the car door. It cleans the crevices with no effort. Love it!

Thompson Family said...

They make a car version and one with a green foam on one side... these are the best cleaning product ever. But like I told you, if you scrub too hard on the walls, it will literally take the paint off!