Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Eve.

I was lucky enough to spend New Years Eve at a beautiful cabin in the mountains with a bunch of great friends. I was so excited just to have plans, since it seems I usually don't for New Years and then to be able to spend it with these people was even better. New Years Eve day, Rachel and I headed up to the cabin where Travis's sister and brother in law were waiting for us. We literally had to hike in to this place since it had snowed so much and the long driveway hadn't been plowed.

Once we got inside, it was amazing. It was a 3 story cabin that was on a large piece of property with 5 other smaller cabins around it. There is also a lake there, but we definitely couldn't see that with the several feet of snow. We got busy make appetizers and then hiked back out to meet Travis, Justin & Becca, Budah and Todd when they arrived. It was interesting going through all that snow in the dark, but we definitely got some good laughs. The night consisted of eating, drinking, laughing, playing poker and watching movies in the theatre. I don't play poker, so I spent the night mixing drinks which was really fun. Before midnight, we all gathered upstairs with our hats and noise makers. We had fun blowing those and screaming 'Happy New Year!' We had the celebration twice since Travis set the clock back again and we had another countdown :)

We woke up in the morning, Becca made breakfast and as soon as she put it in the oven, we lost power. It came back on briefly, but then went out again for good. We got creative and used the wood burning stove to cook the casseroles and then to melt snow so we could flush the toilets. We also learned that a tree had fallen on the only road to get in/out of the cabin, but luckily Justin had brought his chain saw to solve that problem. He is just the jack of all trades! We headed home that afternoon and just relaxed. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the New Year and I wouldn't have rather been anywhere else!


JT and Nellie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I know everyone there is sick of the snow, but man do I wish I could see some snow. The holidys just don't seem the same without it.