Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1st school concert.

{Campbell front & center}

{The Peanut herself}

{Lizzie, Ava and Cami..Cooper was having no part of a picture}

Last Thursday, Campbell and her kindergarten class, had their 1st school concert! They joined a few of the 1st grade classes to sing and it was the cutest thing. Campbell was so excited for her concert and counted down the days until Thursday making sure that we all knew what time to be there. Her class was to dress up as "peanuts" which consisted of her wearing dark clothes, and the teachers fitting them with garbage bags filled with newspaper :) They sang several songs and then the 1st graders did a little skit. Afterwards I treated the kids to some DQ. I think everyone at Campbell's school had the same idea, and Ava was not liking the long wait. We had a fun night and I am so proud of Campbell :)