Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer girl.

The weather was really nice last weekend, even hit 80 both days I think. It wasn't overly hot though, just perfect. Sunday I took Campbell up to the outlet mall in Marysville. We were on a mission to get some new jeans for her since they all seem to be too short. But apparently, stores think that kids don't wear jeans in the summer. We got 1 pair of jeans, and then a few extra things, including this swimsuit and matching sandals. It is so cute, and Campbell picked it out to wear for her birthday party in a few weeks. Of course she had to put it on right when she got home and test it out running through the sprinklers. I also got her that little cover up and she has worn it everyday since. She wears it to school, to bed, around the house..everywhere :)

{typical Campbell fashion, crazy girl :)}