Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Zoo.

Campbell's class took a field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo, and Campbell asked me to come with. We rode the bus down there and it was the perfect day for going to the zoo. Clear blue skies and about 70 degrees. Since so many parents volunteered, everyone got their own child and got to go around the zoo on their own. We started off with the penguins and the day/night exhibits that Campbell really wanted to visit. Once she realized there were snakes..very large snakes, she was pretty much over that. We continued on and visited the Flamingo's which were very interesting. I never realized that they sleep standing up, and on one leg!

We continued along the path and found a bunch of picnic tables where some of Campbell's friends and their parents were eating their lunch, so we stopped to join them. Afterwards the girls all wanted to get ice cream, and then we continued on to the elephants and the gorillas. My favorite animal to see was the Giraffe's. I just think they are so pretty. Campbell's favorite was the new baby gorilla. We watched him climb all over the trees and almost fall a time or two :) We had so much fun at the zoo!