Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 months.

I can't believe that little Ava is already 2 months old! On one hand it seems like she has been here forever, but on the other it seems like she is still a newborn.

Last weekend my Sister turned 21 so we celebrated with a dinner at her favorite Mexican resturaunt and then I got to take Ava home for the night while my Sister went out with family and friends. I was so excited to keep Ava over night. She is such a good baby and so fun to cuddle. She slept through the whole dinner and didnt even budge until we got home. She woke up, I fed her around 10 and she was out until 4am. I loved watching her sleep. I love all of her sounds and the way she stretches her arms like she is just soo tired :) Sunday morning was spent in the rocking chair, feeding her, cuddling her and watching the race..I can't think of a better way to spend the morning.


Auntie & Uncle said...

She is soooooo sweet :)

Heather said...

She's beautiful!