Wednesday, June 17, 2009


To celebrate Campbell's last day of school, I took her, Cooper and Lizzie to see the new Disney Pixar movie "UP" in 3D. I really wanted to see it too and it did not disappoint. It was a cute story of love, friendship and the passion for adventure. I just love the effect of the 3 D movies. It is so magical and feels so real. Cooper jumped out of his seat a few times thinking something was actually going to hit him :) Take your kids to see it, and if you don't have kids, take yourself to see it :)


JT and Nellie said...

We 100% agree. This was a great movie. Jeremy said definitely one of his favorite Pixar movies. Dont miss it.

Auntie & Uncle said...

So next Saturday we will be able to buy UP and HANGOVER and everything else that's brand new! You will be a real hit in your neighborhood. haha