Thursday, June 11, 2009

Down on the Farm.

Yesterday afternoon I took Ava and we went and picked up Campbell and Cooper to bring them to the farm to do some planting! We started corn about a month ago, so now we were ready to do the next round of corn and also a few other things. The kids were so excited to come out. They started with the corn. My Dad made the holes, Campbell planted the seeds and Lizzie covered the holes. Cooper just stayed by me and watched and then when they were done, they all ran down the rows to make sure they were packed in good. They also planted the carrots and Campbell was amazed at how small the seeds were :) We didn't have time to do the Pumpkins last night, but those will be next along with some Zucchini and even some Watermelons.


JT and Nellie said...

Carrots and Zuchini sounds good, might have to try some of that next year. I will see how the first garden goes...haha. Your corn looks good, big already.