Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday.

I have always been a Black Friday shopper for as long as I can remember. In fact, I consider it a holiday. One of my favorite holidays :) Last year I spent Thanksgiving in Ellensburg with the Bennett's and the next morning, Rachel, Becca and I left at 3am for Yakima to get our shop on. They were hooked and we decided it would be a yearly tradition. We have been so excited for it since last year. We talk about it often and were literally counting down the days. I laughed many times that getting up so early, standing in LONG lines and dealing with some crazy people, was something we actually chose to do and were excited to do, but it is so much fun. To me, it kicks off the holiday season and of course there are many great deals to score.

Once again I spent Thanksgiving with the Bennett's which was such a special day in and of itself. We had so much fun cooking, laughing and celebrating the biggest blessing of the year, baby Addi. Truly an angel that makes me so grateful and makes me believe in happy endings.

After dinner, we looked through the ads for hours and made our lists. The alarm clock was set for 2:30 which came awfully quick. We were so excited to get up and on the road. Our first stop was Target where we stood in line for over an hour and almost had some words with a lady that seemed to think that we were all just standing in line for the heck of it :) After Target we headed to Old Navy, Famous Footwear and the mall. We dropped our first load of goodies off at Rachel's and headed on down the road to pick up Rachel's friend Amy and then we were off to Bellevue. We stopped at the Outlets in North Bend first and then continued on to Bellevue where we checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt which was super nice! We had reservations at PF Changs where we had the perfect window seat to watch the 1st night of the Christmas Parade.

After dinner we shopped some more, until the mall closed and then we headed back to our room where we all couldn't wait to sleep! Saturday morning we stopped at a few stores and then headed back to Ellensburg. We had so much fun, literally laughing until we cried many times, making many memories and I think we are all counting down the days until next year :) I ♥ Traditions.