Thursday, July 24, 2008

A funny story..

It started about a week ago with Shae asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I told her to give me pictures of Cadence but she said that was not an option. She wanted me to tell her 3 things I wanted for my birthday because she had gotten me something and she wanted to see if it was on my top 3. I told her that I really couldn't think of anything at the time. So she said fine, she was having my present shipped to my house and it would arrive on Friday.

On Wednesday Karen called and told me that she was sending my birthday present and it would arrive on Friday, but I would be in Montana so I would have to wait until Monday to open it.

You might be able to tell where this is going..

So on Monday night, Shane, Shae and Miss Cadence came down because they wanted to watch me open my present, so right then I figured that this must be a big thing. I was excited to have them come down and apparently Melinda and Shae had been working together on this so Melinda had hid the present.

We visited for awhile and then I opened up Shane & Shae's present and this is what it was:

Can you believe it? A kitchen aid mixer! I have wanted one of these for a long time! I love to cook and this would make cooking so much easier in many ways for me. I almost bought one a couple months back at a Macy's one day sale, but I decided not to. I was so excited to get one! I can not believe they got me a kitchen aid, such a cool gift because it is something I really wanted.

After a few minutes, Melinda comes out of her office and she says she has something else for me, so I look up and Melinda is holding this:

Another Kitchen aid?? I said, who is that from? And Melinda said that on Friday when she opened her door, there were 2 kitchen aids that had been from Shae and one from Karen! How funny! Of all the things in the world, and they both got me the same thing. I thought I was pretty darn cool to receive such a nice gift from two of my best friends. They both thought it was pretty funny too. First I didn't have one and now I have two :)

Shae said that she remembered me talking about wanting one and Karen told me that when I was telling her about making the cupcakes for Lynsie's baby shower back in May, that she knew she was going to get me a Kitchen aid for my birthday.

I guess this means that I have some treats to be making :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Shane, Shae & Cadence, and Karen, Rick, Kaitlyn & Trace! You all made my birthday very special and I am so lucky to call y'all friends!

Also, thank you to Melinda for being a part of all of this :)


::DANDEE:: said...

Wow! You are one lucky gal to have such great friends!

Happy Birthday!