Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hot, hot, hot!

Well I've never been a fan of the heat, but it seems for the past few weeks I can't get away from it. It finally decided to be summer here now, but with that comes the 90+ temps that I am not a fan of.

I spent a few hours on Saturday with Shelby and her sister in law at David's Bridal looking at Bridesmaids dresses. They didnt have the right style in the right color but Carrie was able to try on a few dresses in the right color. After that I headed towards Tenino to watch Jay race, but before that I had to stop at the outlet mall of course! I got some new clothes and then went to the track. I was not looking forward to getting out of my car because at 6:00 it was still over 90! Thankfully there was a nice breeze.

Jay qualified 5th and started on the 2nd row, outside. He was doing well until about lap 20 when his car made a few loud pops. I was thinking it was the motor and he brought the car to the pits. They discovered that the distributor wires had melted, so they fixed that and sent him back out. There had been a red flag for most of the time he was in the pits, so he hadn't lost many laps. He was doing well and then he went into turn 1, got real high and ended up hitting the wall with the back of his car, then the front, then the back again! It turns out he had lost his breaks. The damage wasn't all too bad. Just needs a new bumper cover and some TLC :) I think he was just bummed because basically since October, he has just wanted to race and have a good race at that. With being gone for training for his new job, this was the first opportunity he had to race. When I left Saturday night, the last thing he told me was, next time we will be better, so atleast he is keeping his head up :)

Sunday I just wanted to get out of the hot house, so Campbell and I headed to Bellevue square, where else huh? My sister recently got a job at a Salon in the mall, so she hung out with us on her break and then Campbell and I shopped the rest of the afternoon. We got Cami some new clothes at The Children's Place and a few things for Cooper too. I just love that store, they have such good deals.
Campbell also got this new webkin and we named her Chewy :)

My favorite purchases were at Sephora. I love that store, so many things to buy! I got some new eye shadows, some mascara, and lipgloss.