Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Usually, going racing means travelling for me, but not this weekend! There was a big race held at Evergreen Speedway, about 5 minutes from my house and it was so nice. There were 4 classes racing Saturday night and it started with a practice on Friday night. I went and watched for a few hours and saw some fast cars!

Saturday was a long day starting with the gates opening at 7:00 am for the West Series. I was there around 8 to drop off some food for Jeff and the team and then I came back around 9:30 when the rest of the teams were allowed in. The day seemed to go pretty fast with practice, and qualifying taking up the majority of the day. It was so humid out, definitely wasn't used to that.

The first race started around 6 which had put everything behind schedule. I went up to the grandstands to see Shae & Miss Cadence. Shane raced in the 2nd main event so Shae had been in the stands for a bit.

Shelby came and found us in the stands before the race and she was excited to see Cadence since she hears so much about her :) She handed me a card that she wanted me to open right then, so I did and it was asking me to be a bridesmaid in her and Jeff's wedding, so that was pretty exciting! I just said, "oh my gosh" and she said WELL, is that a yes??? Of course, I said. Shelby and I have become great friends and I would be honored to stand by her side.

Jeff's race was the last of the night and it started way later than it was supposed to. Jeff had qualified 3rd for the race which was awesome. He took the lead fairly early in the race and I was so excited, but I knew there were a lot of laps left and as we all know in racing, anything can happen and we have seen it! I started to get really excited with 30 laps to go, I kept saying in my head "he's going to win this" and what do you know, HE DID!! Finally, a win in the West Series. So, so much deserved. Jeff and his team work so hard, Jeff especially, to prepare cars competitive enough to race in this series and their hard work finally showed and paid off. Jeff has definitely had more than his share of bad luck and I was so happy to see that turn around. It was really exciting to be there for it all, there truly is nothing like that first victory.