Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Idaho 200!

The Idaho 200 is another big event that always attracts some big names to come out and play and this year was no different. Jay was going to race, then he wasn't and then Wednesday morning they were..typical race team :) We met at The Saul's at 5:30 Friday night, loaded in the hauler and headed to Stateline, ID. about a 5 hour drive.

Saturday Jay had practice and then qualifying and then a race with the RMCS. If he finished in the top 6 of that race, he was guaranteed a spot for Sunday's 200 lapper. He qualified 3rd for Saturday night's race and with the 20 car invert, started 17th. He had a great car and worked his way up, passing each car on the outside. It was so good to see his car working so good! Until about lap 50 when he had just passed a car for 5th place and that car decided to wreck him in turn 3, causing a mini pile up that included a few more cars tagging him. It was not a pretty site and he was done for the night. They worked on the car until 1:30am when we finally got kicked out of the pits.

The guys were back at the track at 8:00am to work on the car some more. It was taped and riveted everywhere. Since he didn't finish Saturday nights race, he had to qualify his way in. He practiced a little Sunday morning and said the car was still really good. He went out mid pack to qualify and when all was said and done, he was 2nd fast time so he would start 11th in the race due to the invert.

He had a great car Sunday but unfortunately a wreck caused by a lapped car, bunched everyone up. Jay had got through the wreck, but the guy behind him hadn't slowed down enough and jumped his left quarter panel. It was a bit scary as he drove over the window net. Jay was okay but the car was not, and once again the day was over. That wreck took out several good cars which was so unfortunate.

"That's racing" is what they say, and I hate that saying. I hate to see good cars get torn up for no reason at all. It may not have been a very successful weekend, but Jay was still in good spirits as they got something figured out with the car and it was set up great. So, as it goes, back to the shop to fix the car and get ready to race it again :)