Monday, August 25, 2008


Well I finally got to head over to Ellensburg this weekend, with no racing, a nice weekend off. I got to Becca & Justin's and we started organizing Dailey and the new babies rooms. Rachel had taken Dailey and her brothers Logan & Landon to Cle Elum for a Farmers Insurance BBQ so it was quiet at Becca's.

That is until we got a phone call around 3:30 that Landon had broken his leg and it was not good. Becca & I hurried down to Cle Elum to try and help Rachel out since she had all 3 kids by herself. The boys had been playing football and Landon and Logan had gotten tangled and in the process, Landon broke his leg.

Rachel got him to the Urgent Care Clinic in Cle Elum and then they transported him by ambulance to the Ellensburg hospital. Luckily there was a surgeon that was able to help Landon so they didn't have to take him over to Seattle. I drove Becca's car back to her house, she drove her moms with Logan and then Rachel had Dailey and we all met at Becca's to drop Dailey and Logan off with Justin. Rachel, Becca & I headed to the hospital to meet Landon and Pam. They x-ray ed him and said that the bones were both broke in his lower leg, but above his growth plate. They put him completely out in case they weren't able to reset the leg by just putting the cast on which may have resulted in surgery and pins being put in, but luckily that didn't need to happen. They set the leg with a cast that goes from his upper thigh, all the way to his toes. Poor Landon :( He is only 8 years old, and he and Logan are definitely boys in every sense of the word! Becca asked Pam if he was sad or hurting during the ambulance ride and Landon said that he was just mad because he didn't want to break his leg that day..poor kid. He and Logan both have a great sense of humor and imaginations and Logan was a very good big brother trying to help him and get him some things at the store to occupy his time.

Landon was finally released from the hospital around 10pm Saturday night and they took him home. Rachel and I got up early Sunday morning and went to Fred Meyers to get Landon a new X Box game and some of his favorite treats and then we headed over to see him. Both of the boys were very excited that Rachel had brought over the X Box and even a new game. Landon was propped up in a chair with his leg elevated but his toes were pretty purple. He had a rough day yesterday since the cast was itching him and his heel was hurting but when we went there last night to visit him, he was doing much better and his toes looked good. He said he was in no pain so that was great to hear.

This week he will be staying with Becca during the day since she is now on Maternity leave and will be able to be with him all day. Rachel and Becca are both such loving sisters and it is definitely clear how much Landon and Logan mean to them both. Those boys are definitely lucky to have them as sisters :)

After leaving Landon yesterday morning, Rachel and I went over to Becca's to see Dailey. When we arrived she was in the garage working with Justin in her diaper and rain boots. She is so cute! Rachel took her inside to change her diaper and decided to give her a bath too so she played around in the tub for awhile and then Rachel french braided her hair. We had lunch and hung out there for awhile and then Rachel and I headed back to her house.

While we were at Fred Meyer, Rachel got a Wii and she was so excited! She has wanted one for awhile but they have been sold out every time she goes to get one. She got 2 guitar's to play Guitar Hero, a pink one for her and a regular one for Travis. She decorated hers with flowers and Travis's says "Short Track Ent." We stopped at a U-Pick Corn field and Rachel picked some corn for dinner and then we headed home. She set up the Wii and started dinner and then it was all about the Wii. Rachel, Travis and Todd played guitar hero for awhile and were really good at it. After dinner we did bowling and golf. I had never seen a Wii before so I had no idea how to use it and it was a little confusing but really fun. I'm not the competitive type, but those 3 definitely are! It was so funny to listen and watch them. I would like to get a Wii at some point, but I'm sure it wouldn't be nearly as funny without having them there :)

I always have a great time in Ellensburg no matter what we do and I can't wait to go back this weekend for the Rodeo/Fair/Races and maybe even the arrival of Baby Seth!


A Dailey Blog said...

Thanks again for all your help this weekend!!

I love the picture of Dailey holding her chin up - maybe she should have just closed her eyes & gone to sleep :)