Friday, August 8, 2008

3 months

Well as of last night, Miss Cadence is now 3 months old. Where have those 3 months gone? It doesn't seem possible. She changes so much every time I see her which is fairly often. Last night when I got to their house, she was sitting up like a big girl and her big brown eyes were so alert and looking around. Her arms and legs were flailing around and she wouldn't sit still. She doesn't like to lay down anymore because she likes to have her head up to be able to see everything going on.

She is already teething and drooling like crazy. I didn't think babies teethed this early, but apparently Cadence does! She is chewing on anything she can get her hands on, or if all else fails, her hands work too :)

This cracked us up. Shae put her in her swing with her binky in her mouth and then Shae came and sat on the couch. We looked over a few seconds later and Shae thought she was trying to get her binky back in her mouth because her head was buried, but she had already fallen asleep! It was so funny, she must have been one tired girl.

We put her in her highchair last night at dinner and it was so cute to see her in that big chair. She was happy just watching us eat and looking around.

It was bath time last night and she just loves the bath. She was splashing like crazy and just wanted to sit up. Shae made some funny hair do's for her, including the Alfalfa look :) She is so cute and getting so big, it is so fun to watch her grow.