Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guilty pleasure

Every Tuesday night at 10pm for the past several weeks, I have been glued to my TV watching "Tori & Dean - Home sweet Hollywood". I don't know why I love it so much but I just do. I am not a huge Tori Spelling fan, I never watched 90210 and I haven't been a fan of her TV movies. But something about reality TV and watching peoples life's, gets my attention.

I bought her new book, Stori Telling, and read it in about 3 days. They actually lead a pretty interesting life and are great parents from what I can tell. Sometimes I think that she thinks she has way more celebrity status than she does. For example on one episode, she went to order a cake for her sons 1st birthday party, and there was 1 paparazzi outside. She was like "oh no, the paparazzi is here". I was thinking, it's only 1, it's not like there is 20 of them. But I guess that's how she has been raised. She does get on my nerves but for some reason, I still tune in every Tuesday to watch "T"!