Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I've been up to..

Listening to

Heidi Newfield, former lead singer of the band "Trick Pony". I loved them as a group and I love her as a solo artist. She has a great voice and from the first time I heard her hit song "Johnny & June" I knew I would love her new cd "What have I been waiting for". It's pretty much been the only thing playing on the Ipod.


Last week was the season finale, but tonight there is one final behind-the-scenes episode, of a vacation they took as a family. I'm so excited for it!

Working on

A couple Sunday's ago, Shelby and I met at Paper Source in Bellevue to pick out the materials for her & Jeff's wedding invitations. Since then, I have been busy looking through samples and ideas online, looking at wording samples, font samples..you name it. I love wedding stuff so this is all fun to me. I just need to hurry up and make some final choices for them to choose from and I will be an invitation makin machine! I have 1 month to get these done, so the pressure is on.