Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Montana 200!

The Montana 200 is one of my favorite weekends all year and I think it has a lot to do with the drive there and the surrounding areas. It is so beautiful and it is the perfect road trip, only about 8 hours with easy driving. My friend Ashley flew in from Twin Falls Idaho since it was both of our Birthdays last weekend and we like to celebrate them together. She came in Wednesday afternoon and we drove up to Canada to see Baby Cadence. We had Olive Garden with Shane & Shae and had fun with Cadence.

Thursday morning we got up and drove all day, stopping quite a few times to check things out. I love the drive once you turn off of I-90. The road goes along a river and it is so beautiful.

We got in Thursday evening and checked in our hotel, went to dinner and then came back and went to bed.

Friday morning we woke up and Jay's parents, Mike & Susi, took us to Breakfast for my birthday at this cute little restaurant in Lakeside. After breakfast we went to Susi's brothers house up on a ridge and it had the most stunning view. We drove, what seemed like forever, up this windy hill and when we got to the top this is what we saw.

It was so pretty and peaceful up there. We hung out there for awhile and played pool. Mike took the quad out for the 1st time and he ended up loving it. Pretty soon we spotted him on the next ridge over! I think there might be a new purchase for him :)
Ashley and I headed into town and picked up some things for a BBQ later that night and then we all headed to the track. Friday night was qualifying and heat races and then a last chance race. Jay flew in from Seattle since he couldn't take any time off so he didn't get in until 9:30. When he got there he went up to the announcer and had him say this "Happy Birthday Becky, the only Kyle Busch fan here, We love you, the Saul's"..It was hilarious. I heard my name, and then I heard Kyle and I was like oh no :) It was pretty funny though.

After the races, we went back up to Steve's and had a bonfire and played pool and the boys played darts. The Saul's gave me a huge picture frame that Susi had made filled with pictures from our trip to North Carolina and I love it!

Saturday we just relaxed and Ashley and I had lunch before heading up to Steve's again. We just sat up there for a few hours and relaxed before heading to the track. This is one of the biggest late model races in the Northwest and pays $12,000 to win so there were some really good cars there. It was a great race for the most party and there was a lot of hard racing. Gary Lewis ended up winning it, as he has most of the year! The race didn't get over until about 1:30 so needless to say, we were pretty tired. We went to the pits, saw some of our friends and then went back to the hotel.

Sunday we had lunch and then left around noon to head home. We stopped in Spokane at The Olive Garden since it was Ashley's birthday and that's where she wanted to go. We didn't get home until late Sunday night but we had so much fun in the car. I described it as a sunroof open, windows down, wind blowin, music blarin, girls laughin & singin kind of trip and that's what it was. We had a great time!