Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baking & Basketball..

I just love the holidays!! I think I have baked more in the last 2 weeks than I have in my whole life :) Last night I baked from 5-11 pm and I have more stuff than I know what to do with. I decided that I wanted to make some treats for my friends and family, so thats what I did. I made peanut butter kiss cookies, 7 layer bars, haystacks, peppermint brownies, butter jam cookies, and chex mix. It was a lot of work but it was fun :) Today I went down to Shelbys for a day of baking. We made peanut butter cups and sugar cookies and had lots of fun doing it.

After we were done, I headed over to Casa Mia's in Puyallup to meet Jay's parents Mike & Susi for dinner. Tonight was Jay's 1st basketball game of the season for the Rec league. I try to go to every game, they are fun to watch since it's pretty competitive. Jay's team is called the Woodland Eagles because he grew up with a lot of guys on the team and their elementary school team was the Woodland Eagles. All the guys have names on their jerseys and Jay's is Iceman. The game didnt go over so well, the ref's did a horrible job and called every call possible on Jay's team. Not to mention the other team were the 3 ball kings! Every time they shot a 3 pointer, they made it. Jay was frustrated but thats the way it goes, Susi kept joking to the guys afterwards that next week they need to take the refs out for pizza and beer so they will be buddies with them too :)

Well Jay and I leave for North Carolina tomorrow night! We take the red eye out of Seattle at midnight and we will arrive in the Queen city at 11:30am Friday. I shipped my luggage via Fedex (Go Denny!) and it's already at Jennifers waiting for me :) No worrying about my luggage getting lost like last time! I better get to bed, tomorrow will come quick!


Heather said...

More baking? Holy cow girl, you're rockin' it! I bought supplies last week and haven't baked a single thing. I have to go get another package of butterscotch chips though 'cause I've been snacking on them =)