Monday, December 24, 2007

Seahawks game!!

2 Seahawks games in 2 weeks! That's pretty crazy for me considering the last week was my first football game! The game in North Carolina was fun but I dont think anything can beat the home turf. Lacey asked me to go with her and we sat in her dad's club seats. Jay and his dad Mike had won tickets from work so they rode down with us. It was so cold and it rained pretty much the whole game, thankfully there was an area for us to go in side where we could still watch the game but stay warm. The Seahawks played a great game and beat the Ravens 27-6. I have heard that Qwest field gets really loud and that wasnt a joke! The "12th man" really is impressive.
After the game Lacey drove us home and Jay's mom Susi had cooked a steak dinner for us. So nice of her :) We spent the evening looking through her cookbooks and just chatting.

It's almost Christmas time!! Here is a few pics from the game. This was afterwards when we were getting ready to drive home and Jay had his "mean face" on, even though the Seahawks won..I dont get him :)