Monday, December 10, 2007

Little Dove's Christmas Performance

Yesterday Campbell and her Little Dove's preschool class had their Christmas performance and it was the cutest thing! She got to wear her pretty dress and Ashley came over and Curled her hair all cute. My sisters and brother all came and then it was Chris & Melinda, Jenny, and Kevin, Breanne and Cooper, so she had quite the cheering section. Her teachers even joked with us about how we brought the crowd :)
What can we say, we love her!
She got nervous standing up there but afterawhile she was just fine. She kept turning around and waving and it was so cute :) They sang a few songs and then everyone went to the other room for cookies and drinks. Campbell and Cooper had some oranges, Cooper was so funny, he had about 3 of them and when it was time to leave he got pretty mad because he wanted more :)
We had a fun weekend of going to basketball games, making cookies and the performance. Campbell also got to go to the neighbor Kyan's 3rd birthday party. It was Polar Express themed and all the kids got to wear their pajamas. During the party there was a knock on the door and it was Santa! Campbell didnt know what to think of that and it scared her a bit but she is definitely excited for Santa to come to her house :)
Here are some more pics from the weekend: