Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Well anyone that knows me knows that I'm a shopper! Of course I would be shopping on the day after Christmas, after all, it is the 2nd biggest shopping day of the year :) Shelby and I met up at the South Center mall and went to a few stores before heading to the Olive Garden for a nice lunch and then to Ikea! I was in search of a dresser and nightstand and got both of them with a few extra things too! After shopping we headed back to Shelby's and exchanged gifts with each other and then just watched TV and chatted. It was a nice relaxing day and I got some much needed sleep. Tomorrow evening I am taking my Grandma to see the Nutcracker, my Christmas present to her. We used to go every year when I was little so I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do. Snow is on the way, or so the forecasters say, I hope I wake up to some white!