Monday, December 3, 2007

Tax free & Christmas cookies!

Well we were trying to get the big Christmas tree in the background but that didnt work too well :) I had a fun weekend going to Portland. Brandon was on a quad trip so I went down to hang out with Lynsie. We made dinner and watched the Cup banquet Friday night and then Saturday we had our big day of shopping. We started down at the Woodburn Outlet malls. It was FREEZING! It was supposed to snow but never did, but the wind was blowing like crazy so it felt like it was about 20 degrees, notice the squinty eyes :) We shopped for awhile there but we were so cold and not having much luck so we headed back to town. We had lunch at the Olive Garden and then headed over to Old Navy and Target before going to the Clackamas Town Center. I havent been there for awhile and they have completely redone it. After hitting up a few stores there we headed home. I cooked dinner and then Lynsie's friend Randi joined us and after dinner we made Christmas Cookies.
This was our first pan of them..
Okay, so we didnt roll them flat enough or give them enough room on the pan, so we basically had 1 big cookie :) We laughed about it for quite awhile. I bought a Santa apron and we all took turns wearing it :)
We had tons of cookies and decorated them all.

We had so much fun all weekend but we were so tired Saturday night. We shopped all day and cooked all night but we had a great time doing it.
Sunday I got up early to go home for Campbell's Christmas performance at her school, I got to Chehalis and got the call that it had been cancelled due to all the snow in Monroe. I was bummed, but what can ya do? So I called up Shelby and Susi and we all went to the Victorian Country Christmas at the Puyallup Fair grounds. It was a lot of fun and we bought a ton of stuff :) We went to dinner at Famous Dave's in Puyallup and Jay & Mike met us so that was fun. I had a busy weekend but it was so much fun! Hope everyone is doing well :)