Sunday, December 9, 2007

"I hope everybody likes pink!"

That was Jenny's quote last night as we were placing all of our finished cookies onto the sheets. It seems that no matter how many drops of red dye that you add to the frosting, it never turns all the way red. So my brother Michael, and Campbell were happy to settle for pink :)
Campbell and I spent out Saturday afternoon going to Michael and and my sister Chelsea's basketball games. They both lost, although Chelsea's team only lost by 1 point. That was a pretty intense game. Campbell loves watching them play, she sits still the whole time and just watches and she tells me when she gets older, shes going to play too. I dont doubt that she will :)
After the games, Campbell got her hair cut by my other sister Ashley who just graduated from Gene Juarez Academy. She cut her bangs and added some layers to her hair and it looks so good!
Every year in Brier (by Bothell where my parents live) there are 2 neighborhoods that go all out and decorate their houses for Christmas. They are on the news every year and they seem to just get better and better. We drove through both neighborhoods last night and Michael and Campbell loved it. Santa was even there to give them candy canes so that was pretty neat!
We went to Costco and then to the grocery store, and then finally home to make our cookies and gingerbread houses. That didnt go over quite as planned but we decided to let them sit overnight to dry.
I baked a lot of sugar cookies and also made some snickerdoodles and some thumb print cookies with the jelly in the middle. It got hectic fo a bit but it was still fun and the kids had a lot of fun decorating them. I think I've about had my fill of Christmas cookies :)
Here are some photos of the kids decorating cookies, my big mess, and the final product :)